Dolphins/Snorkeling/Shell Island

My boat is perfect for you and your crew to have the ultimate experience on this type of excursion.  Take turns coming up in the tower with me where you can see EVERYTHING in the water!  It’s AMAZING up in the tower! Especially if you bring polarized sunglasses.

We’ll blaze to the far end of Shell Island where there are no crowds. You’ll think you’re on a deserted island in the Bahamas!
There’s an awesome sound system on the boat so bring your i-pod if you want.

It also has a fresh water shower which is very refreshing when you get out of the salt water. Trust me on that.  Shell Island is a natural barrier island which is 7 miles long and uninhabited.  It is pristinely beautiful!  The dolphins are plentiful and friendly!


They are easy to get close to and are amazing animals.  The snorkeling is in 2′ to 5′ of water, super safe with lots of sea life!  Snorkel gear is provided of course.
Now get on the boat and lets go!

You’re burning daylight! (Sorry, I get a little pumped up)